Meet Katrina - Katrina Pablo


Hi! Katrina here!

I love hanging out in nature, protecting the environment, renewable energy, and building off-grid sustainable housing (called Earthships).

I also love travelling, dancing, living my life, and going on epic adventures. I ski, snowboard, hike, camp, surf, paddleboard, crochet,  grow my own food, and so on and so forth.

I basically have a million hobbies, am never bored, and have a huge ZEST for life!

It was my love of living life to the fullest that brought me to network marketing. 

Before I found network marketing, I was very fortunate be able to decide when and how much I wanted to work. I often went on vacation for 1-3 months each year. Although this was very good, the job was not fulfilling or I decided to become a solar installer/electrician so I could contribute to environmental responsibility. 

Unfortunately, I quickly found out that working 9-5 M-F did not allow me any time freedom. I was also working harder and earning less money than I ever have in my life. This was not how I wanted to live the rest of my life where I had to beg someone to let me go on two weeks vacation - ON THEIR SCHEDULE. I felt like a caged up little bird and saw others around me who were sad that this was the kind of life that they had.

Fortunately, someone introduced me to network marketing and sold me on the dreams of earning passive income - all I had to do was sell some things and build a team.

They didn't tell me how hard it was going to be! 

I built the 100 list and asked my friends and family to "take a look" and "buy my stuff". Some did, but I lost more respect in return. I signed up to networking groups, did tradeshows, belly to belly meetings, posted my product all over Facebook and sending people links....EVERYTHING. 

I blew so much cash trying to make this work for a few measly sales and a non-existent team. 

I also questioned why I ran my business the way my upline taught me when no other business in the world asks their employees to spam their friends and family.

Luckily, just as my fire was about to burn out, I found Attraction Marketing. I was introduced to a way where people could reach out to me because I had something they wanted....all with the click of a button.

Finally I found a way to build my network marketing business like a true business, and this is the very method that I use today very successfully. I now attract hot prospects to me from all around the globe. After some serious mentorship, training, and action-taking, I started waking up to leads, commissions, and sales....all because I decided to take a leap of faith and read this book

Now I run my network marketing business from home, on a boat, or from anywhere across the globe and am helping others do the same.

Imagine waking up to leads, commissions, and sales without having to tell your friends and family to join your team or buy your stuff. In fact, they'll want to know what you're up to and ask to join you instead. What would it be like if you could retire yourself or your partner from their job? Go on vacation and still be earning income? It's happening to me and it's totally possible for you too.

I believe in you! 

Katrina Pablo

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