Are You a Human Spam Bot? These Top 5 Signs Says You Might Be… - Katrina Pablo

Are You a Human Spam Bot? These Top 5 Signs Says You Might Be…

If you're recruiting with social media, there are many pitfalls you need to avoid.

Let me tell you a story….

I entered the world of network marketing  because a certain product changed my life. When I found this product, I was so excited over it that I prospected everybody. My coworkers, the handyman, the cleaner, and my physiotherapists...friends.

Have you ever gone for sushi with an ol' friend and sneakily transitioned from  catch-ups to showing your opportunity? I have...and she was pretty offended.

Have you ever "outsmarted" the warm network strategy and instead cold-prospected at meetup, networking groups and trade shows? I did...and it cost me a helluva lot of money. 💰

Have you ever spent $5000 on a "Business Website Developer" promising to give you first page placements on Google, Bing and Yahoo! for your cookie-cutter distributor website?! (ugh....)

I thought I’d beat my upline in a matter of months!😂

The hardest backlashes came from my friends and family. They thought I joined “one of those pyramid scheme things.” 🙄

Maybe you can relate.

The point is, I’m about to cast some heavy stones at some networkers, but I just wanted to let y'all know that I’ve made some serious mistakes too...offline and online.

That doesn’t mean we're going to go easy on those committing MAJOR mistakes when recruiting with social media.

Because unfortunately…

The Internet Never Forgets and It's Ruining It for Everyone Else!

Have you heard the saying that success in business is all about ‘time' and ‘place'? As a professional marketer, I would add ‘message' to the equation as well.

Unfortunately, many network marketers today are using online prospecting methods that include the wrong message, at the wrong time and most definitely in all the wrong places!

Here’s the truth!

There is a VERY fine line between recruiting with social media and spamming people.

I’m sorry to say that most network marketers have been turned into human spam bots by their upline and company leaders…

The "New Online Recruiting Strategy" uplines are teaching involves posting the company’s products or opportunity on social media. This is totally at the expense of that distributor's reputation and risks the suspension of their social media accounts.

I've also been taught to send cookie-cutter messages to randoms, which looks pretty spammy to me...

And here's one that I sent to a friend before I figured out that building a business was not about sending scripts to friends and strangers on Facebook: 🤦‍♀️

Successful entrepreneurs and networkers eventually learn the true secret to success.

That secret being...

It’s about actually caring about people, becoming a person of value, and being someone uniquely positioned to help someone with their problems.

That last one is critical: “Uniquely positioned to help someone with their problems.”

Any idiot can copy/paste a message into the Private Message function on Facebook.

What then sets you apart from the rest of the desperate reps hitting people’s inboxes with their new “ground floor” opportunities or cash programs?

Now, this doesn’t mean prospecting online doesn’t work. There are some very skilled recruiters who are excellent at online prospecting. However, just like offline prospecting, they’ve devoted the time and effort to learn this very difficult skill and have mastered it. And if that’s the strategy you want to use, then go for it but do it right or else! 

But if you’re still a little fuzzy on whether you are a spammer or not, here’s one way to find out...

Top 5 Warning Signs That Your Social Media Prospecting Efforts are Actually SPAM

1) Your private messages on social media includes a link to join your opportunity.

2) You post links to your opportunity or website in the comments section of other people’s social media posts.

Facebook notices when the same link gets PM’d over and over and over again. They know when the same links are frequently posted on pages or groups, and they keep tabs on how many complaints the link receives.

Most people will reject these online cold prospecting attempts because pretty "scammy spammy". If you get enough complaints,

Facebook will BAN your domain!

3) You get angry replies via private messaging and/or you've been reported as a spammer. If people complain enough about you, you will eventually have your personal account banned and shut down.

4) You compulsively want to talk about your company or products without anyone asking you to share. Posting videos and photos of your products on your personal page fall under this category....

Finally… this one is the most important one…

5) You engage in interactions online with a hidden agenda all with the intention to eventually pitch your product or business without caring to know the other person.

This last one a big one but could also be a bit controversial.

After all, #5 is the very definition of prospecting (online or offline). Even when done right it can still feel awkward, resulting in people getting annoyed and angry at you. It's also very unleveraged. 

This is why I decided to stop prospecting altogether.

Here’s the interesting thing…

As an introvert, I can't even begin to describe how relieved I feel now that I don't have to force myself to talk to strangers. I can be in a public place without having to think about prospecting anyone.

All of a sudden my anxiety disappeared! I was free from the method my upline taught me that “everyone was a prospect”. I didn't have to approach every conversation with a hidden agenda. 

Only when l I STOPPED prospecting did my business actually started growing.

Weird, right?

At this point, you may be asking, “then how the hell did your business grow?” 🤔

“How can you grow a network marketing business without spamming people online?"

Before I answer that, I just wanna mention that there are very skilled prospectors and recruiters out there who completely disregard the issues I mentioned above.

They knowingly and unashamedly approach every interaction with a stranger as a prospecting opportunity. (Shout out to the ladies who have approached me at the grocery and women's bathroom 😂)

They don't care about getting yelled at or cursed out by prospects as long as some people say ‘yes.’

But that's just not me.

Just like doing it right offline, there is a way to successfully do it online as well. 

The problem with prospecting in general, as it’s normally taught, is that the mindset going in is still about what YOU want people to do and about manipulating people into doing what you want them to do.

In other words, it’s all about YOU, not them. I didn’t like that, but I still did it for a little while… until I found a better way.

Here's the More Leveraged Alternative to 1-on-1 Prospecting, Which Won’t Make You Look Like a Needy Nelly

Now, I am not trying to be high and mighty about all this prospecting stuff because I’m not.

If it came down to either feeding my family with ‘stone cold' prospecting tactics or my kids starving, I would choose stone cold prospecting every time, without remorse.

But the reason I was able to quit prospecting was that with the help of some extraordinary mentors, I eventually discovered an online recruiting strategy that uses marketing skills to attract my ideal customers and team members - rejection free.

We call our industry network marketing, but in actuality, what most network marketers are doing is not marketing....It's prospecting.

Marketing is a passive approach, designed to attract your target market in large volumes.

This is important, because Facebook HATES cold prospecting.

But Facebook actually really likes marketing.

After all, they love us when we run ad campaigns on FB, using their ad platform.

Rather than spending hours spamming or private messaging people on Facebook, I  use Facebook to attract the people who are most interested in what I have to offer by using their own ads platform. (i.e. going legit!)

This strategy is an internet marketing roadmap designed for networkers and people in direct sales, and it works!  The very few of us implementing this strategy have been waking up to inboxes full of new leads, customers, team members, and commissions while travelling the world and spending time with friends and family.

Here's the thing... if your business depends on you being on social media, sending private messages, or commenting on people’s posts all day, you are NOT doing internet marketing… despite what you may have been led to believe.

Online prospecting and internet marketing are NOT the same thing! Internet marketing is a passive strategy, which works, even when you are not.

So if you want to learn how this works then checkout my free 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp which is available by clicking here.

You’ll also get more details about an e-book that goes into the nuts n’ bolts of this recruiting & selling formula.

Now if traditional prospecting online or offline is your thing and you want to stick to that, by all means, go for it.

There are many top trainers and earners in the industry that focus on cold market and traditional recruiting skills…

For me, there was simply a certain way I wanted to live my life and that was far more important.

I would much rather make a ton of money in my business first and then have my friends and family beg me to tell them more about it.

It’s much better than begging my friends and family to join a business which isn’t making any money.

Which would you prefer?


Katrina Pablo